Topics to be discussed:

  • Treaty policy and its interpretation: role of treaty models for the next 20-30 years.
  • Dispute resolution processes: present rules and their evaluation.
  • Role of investment treaties in cross-border trade and commerce.

Programme Overview:

8:00 PM –
8:02 PM
2 min Welcome and introduction

Mr. Kuntal Dave (Chair, APAC Committee – IFA)

8:02 PM –
8:47 PM
45 min Fireside chat

Mr. Porus Kaka (Former IFA President)

Mr. Stef van Weeghel (Former PSC Chair, IFA)

Mr. Robert Danon (PSC Chair, IFA)

8:47 PM –
9:12 PM
25 min Group discussions in breakout rooms
9:12 PM –
9:27 PM
15 min Art of making coffee by Starbucks India
9:27 PM –
9:30 PM
3 min Vote of Thanks

Mr. Ichwan Sukardi (Vice-Chair, APAC Committee, IFA)